September 8, 2023

Elsa Freeman scored all three goals as the Rams (1-2) handled the Mustangs (0-3) in a game shortened due to lightning at Waterboro.

Freeman scored unassisted from 30 yards in the first two minutes, put in a ball from 18 yards following a setup from Shea Rosenthal in the 22nd, and added another unassisted goal in the opening minutes of the second half before a close lightning strike stopped the game after about 10 minutes.

Sophie Hill needed two saves for the win.


Deering (1-2)21
Massabesic (0-3)00




Blum Levine, Violet
Breiting-Brown, Elise
Breiting-Brown, Saya
Day, Mesuret
Emery, Mae
Freeman, Elsa
Garcia, Isa
Gin, Anika
Hill, Sophie
Lamb, Daisey
Landry, Mya
Lo, Eleanor
Lo-Sears, Petra
Marino, Grace
Muriua, Shy
Newell, Maya
Nguema Mue, Moriya
Nieves, Sophia
Orellana, Vanessa
Pelletier, Charlotte
Plizga, Zoe
Ridge, Lyla
Rodriguez, Marley
Rosenthal, Shay
Sapalo, Catiana
Zager, Daphne
Allender, Abigail
Bourque, Anna
Brown, Chelsea
Bshara, Brynn
Chaparro, Arianna
Chartier, Elsie
Cyr, Sydney
Densmore, Brielle
Deshaies, Emily
Deshaies, Isabella
Dobbins, Sidnei
Dryden, Delaney
Enos, Isabel
Gailloux, Ava
Gray, Emma
Helms, Bellarose
Kozloff, Zoey
Martin, Bella
McLaughlin, Marissa
Mitchell, Shelby
Nelson, Marissa
Noyes, Ava
O'Meara, Amelia
O'Meara, Audrey
Ouellette, Lily
Paige, Jasmine
Paquette, Isabella
Pomerleau, Finley
Schepis, Danielle
Scully, Emma
Staples, Gwen
Tassinari, Ada
VanBrocklin, Madison
Wedgewood, Autumn
Wright, Baylee
Wright, Rylie



Record: 3-10-1

Date Time W/L/T Game Details
Thursday, 08/31/20235:00 PMLBonny Eagle 3, Deering 1Details
Wednesday, 09/06/20235:00 PMLGorham 4, Deering 0Details
Friday, 09/08/20236:00 PMWDeering 3, Massabesic 0Details
Wednesday, 09/13/20235:30 PMTNoble 2, Deering 2, 2OTDetails
Wednesday, 09/20/20235:30 PMLSanford 2, Deering 0Details
Friday, 09/22/20235:00 PMWDeering 1, Portland 0Details
Wednesday, 09/27/20235:30 PMLWindham 2, Deering 0Details
Friday, 09/29/20234:00 PMLCheverus 2, Deering 1Details
Monday, 10/02/20235:30 PMLFalmouth 2, Deering 1Details
Wednesday, 10/04/20236:15 PMLSouth Portland 3, Deering 0Details
Friday, 10/06/20235:00 PMLScarborough 3, Deering 0Details
Friday, 10/13/20233:00 PMWDeering 1, Westbrook 0Details
Saturday, 10/14/202310:00 AMLBiddeford 1, Deering 0Details
Tuesday, 10/17/20236:30 PMLThornton Academy 4, Deering 0Details

Record: 0-13-1

Date Time W/L/T Game Details
Thursday, 08/31/20236:00 PMLNoble 4, Massabesic 0
Wednesday, 09/06/20236:00 PMTMassabesic 3, Westbrook 3
Friday, 09/08/20236:00 PMLDeering 3, Massabesic 0Details
Wednesday, 09/13/20235:00 PMLPortland 4, Massabesic 0Details
Wednesday, 09/20/20236:00 PMLThornton Academy 4, Massabesic 0Details
Saturday, 09/23/20231:45 PMLSouth Portland 5, Massabesic 0Details
Monday, 09/25/20234:00 PMLBonny Eagle 8, Massabesic 0Details
Friday, 09/29/20236:00 PMLSanford 6, Massabesic 0Details
Monday, 10/02/20235:00 PMLBiddeford 2, Massabesic 1Details
Wednesday, 10/04/20236:00 PMLMarshwood 4, Massabesic 1
Monday, 10/09/202312:00 PMLCheverus 8, Massabesic 0Details
Wednesday, 10/11/20236:00 PMLFalmouth 9, Massabesic 1
Saturday, 10/14/20236:00 PMLKennebunk 1, Massabesic 0Details
Monday, 10/16/20236:00 PMLWestbrook 4, Massabesic 2