September 15, 2022

Elsa Freeman scored three goals and set up the other two as the Rams (2-3) downed the Knights (2-3) in Portland.

With Deering ahead 2-0 in the closing seconds of the first half, Freeman took a corner kick that was headed by a defender to the left side of the 6-yard box, where Mae Carroll volleyed it into the net as the horn sounded.

Freeman opened the scoring when she collected a high serve from Sophia Nieves, dribbled inside the 6-yard box and sent a low diagonal shot into the right side of the net.

Later in the first half, Freeman executed a well-placed through-ball to Grace Marino, who fired a shot from the top of the 18-yard box that goalie Lauren Cooley (three saves) tried to push over the net, but it went under the crossbar for a 2-0 Deering lead.

Noble’s Hannah Perro put in the rebound of her own shot that was stopped by Deering goalie Sophie Hill (eight saves) midway through the second half.


Noble (2-3)01
Deering (2-3)32


Goals—Noble, Hanna Perro 1; Deering, Elsa Freeman 3, Grace Marino 1, Mae Carroll 1.
Assists—Deering, Elsa Freeman 1, Mae Carroll 1, Sophia Nieves 1.
Goalies (saves)—Noble, Lauren Cooley (3); Deering, Sophie Hill (8).
1, 1, 22:04, D, Freeman (Nieves).
2, 1, 36:01, D, Marino (Freeman).
3, 1, 40:00, D, Carroll.
4, 2, 22:55, N, Perro.
5, 2, 25:06, D, Freeman (Carroll).
6, 2, 39:33, D, Freeman.


Boulay, Haliey
Brennan, Aubrey
Brown, Ella
Comtois, Chloe
Cooley, Lauren
Dodge, Reagan
Dubaniewcz, Sierra
Jordan, Lauren
Kimball, Baylee
Lyndes, Ava
Myers-Thivierge, Emerson
O'Tash, Adria
Perro, Hannah
Powers, Elsie
Rodriguez, Alyssa
Rothwell, Natalia
Strynar, Anna
Swell, Anna
Tetreault, Sophie
Blum Levine, Violet
Breiting-Brown, Elise
Breiting-Brown, Saya
Day, Mesuret
Emery, Mae
Freeman, Elsa
Garcia, Isa
Gin, Anika
Hill, Sophie
Lamb, Daisey
Landry, Mya
Lo, Eleanor
Lo-Sears, Petra
Marino, Grace
Muriua, Shy
Newell, Maya
Nguema Mue, Moriya
Nieves, Sophia
Orellana, Vanessa
Pelletier, Charlotte
Plizga, Zoe
Ridge, Lyla
Rodriguez, Marley
Rosenthal, Shay
Sapalo, Catiana
Zager, Daphne



Record: 3-5-1

Date Time W/L/T Game Details
Thursday, 08/31/20236:00 PMWNoble 4, Massabesic 0
Wednesday, 09/06/20236:30 PMLScarborough 5, Noble 0
Saturday, 09/09/20235:00 PMLSanford 2, Noble 1
Wednesday, 09/13/20235:30 PMTNoble 2, Deering 2, 2OTDetails
Friday, 09/15/20236:00 PMLGorham 2, Noble 0
Wednesday, 09/20/20236:00 PMWNoble 3, Biddeford 2
Monday, 09/25/20236:00 PMWNoble 8, Westbrook 4
Wednesday, 09/27/20236:30 PMLFalmouth 4, Noble 1
Monday, 10/02/20236:00 PMLWindham 7, Noble 0Details
Friday, 10/06/20236:00 PMPortland at Noble
Saturday, 10/07/202311:45 AMNoble at South Portland
Wednesday, 10/11/20234:00 PMNoble at Cheverus
Friday, 10/13/20236:00 PMMarshwood at Noble
Wednesday, 10/18/20236:00 PMNoble at Bonny Eagle

Record: 2-7-1

Date Time W/L/T Game Details
Thursday, 08/31/20235:00 PMLBonny Eagle 3, Deering 1Details
Wednesday, 09/06/20235:00 PMLGorham 4, Deering 0Details
Friday, 09/08/20236:00 PMWDeering 3, Massabesic 0Details
Wednesday, 09/13/20235:30 PMTNoble 2, Deering 2, 2OTDetails
Monday, 09/18/20236:00 PMDeering at Westbrook
Wednesday, 09/20/20235:30 PMLSanford 2, Deering 0Details
Friday, 09/22/20235:00 PMWDeering 1, Portland 0Details
Wednesday, 09/27/20235:30 PMLWindham 2, Deering 0Details
Friday, 09/29/20234:00 PMLCheverus 2, Deering 1Details
Monday, 10/02/20235:30 PMLFalmouth 2, Deering 1Details
Wednesday, 10/04/20236:15 PMLSouth Portland 3, Deering 0Details
Friday, 10/06/20235:00 PMScarborough at Deering
Saturday, 10/14/202310:00 AMDeering at Biddeford
Wednesday, 10/18/20236:30 PMDeering at Thornton Academy