September 19, 2023

Paddy Walsh had a pair of goals, Marcelin Kobenan had a goal and an assist and the Blue Blazes (3-2-1) scored three times in the second half to defeat the Hawks (1-4-1) in South Berwick.

Walsh finished off an undefended loose ball just in front of the goal five minutes into the half and gave the Blue Blazes some breathing room with about three minutes left when he collected a through ball from Kobenan on the left side, beat a defender and tucked the ball into the right side of the net with about three minutes remaining to make it 3-1.

Kobenan tapped home a short cross from Hassam Ibrahim 12:40 into the half for a 2-0 lead which held until Marshwood’s Owen Boyer followed up a cross from Harrison Page and struck with 10:50 remaining.


Westbrook (3-2-1)03
Marshwood (1-4-1)01


Goals—Westbrook, Walsh 2, Kobenan 1; Marshwood, Boyer 1.
Assists—Westbrook, H. Ibrahim 1, Kobenan 1; Marshwood, Page 1.
Goalies (saves)—Westbrook, McCarthy (); Marshwood, Layton ().
1, 2, 5:11, W, Walsh.
2, 2, 12:40, W, Kobenan (H. Ibrahim).
3, 2, 29:10, M, Boyer (Page).
4, 2, 36:59, W, Walsh (Kobenan).


Ahmed, Mo
Al Najaf, Abdullah
Ali, Alhamzah
Boylimpo, Mechac
Cote, Carson
Gomes, Jonilson
Ibrahim, Hassam
Ibrahim, Ibrahim
Kago, Mikey
Kobenan, Marcelin
LeClerc, Austin
Lelo, Kevin
Lufungula, Joao
Matonga, Rodolphe
Mavungu, Manasee
McCarthy, Jason
McLellan, Pierce
Mulumba, Ithiel
Nabi, Hamza
Pease, Nolan
Salman, Mustafa
Tracy, Hayden
Tshimmy, Fiston
Walsh, Paddy
Whitehead, Lance
Yala, Junior
Alley, Liam
Anderson, Jack
Bailey, James
Boisvert, Rogan
Boyer, Owen
Bynum, Jacob
Casey, Ronan
Chamberlain, Reid
Constantakos, Landon
Gagnon, Braeden
Hamilton, Jackson
Lavin, Brevan
Layton, Andrew
Maguire, Quinn
McCormack, Brandon
Melino, James
Nelson, Luke
Page, Harrison
Piazza, Anthony
Quater, Noah
Sawyer, Joshua
Shaw, Carter
Starkey, Douglass
Waddell, Ethan
Yager, Colin



Record: 7-7-1

Date Time W/L/T Game Details
Friday, 09/01/20236:00 PMWWestbrook 4, Noble 0Details
Tuesday, 09/05/20236:00 PMLWindham 7, Westbrook 0Details
Thursday, 09/07/20236:00 PMLDeering 4, Westbrook 3Details
Tuesday, 09/12/20236:00 PMTThornton Academy 2, Westbrook 2, 2OTDetails
Thursday, 09/14/20235:00 PMWWestbrook 2, Biddeford 1, 2OTDetails
Tuesday, 09/19/20234:00 PMWWestbrook 3, Marshwood 1Details
Thursday, 09/21/20235:00 PMLPortland 5, Westbrook 0Details
Saturday, 09/23/202310:00 AMWWestbrook 4, Cheverus 3Details
Tuesday, 09/26/20236:00 PMLBonny Eagle 1, Westbrook 0Details
Thursday, 09/28/20236:00 PMLKennebunk 3, Westbrook 2Details
Tuesday, 10/03/20236:00 PMWWestbrook 7, Massabesic 0Details
Thursday, 10/05/20236:00 PMWWestbrook 3, Sanford 1Details
Tuesday, 10/10/20236:30 PMLScarborough 3, Westbrook 0Details
Tuesday, 10/17/20236:00 PMWWestbrook 3, South Portland 1Details
Friday, 10/20/20237:30 PMLFalmouth 4, Westbrook 1Details

Record: 3-11-1

Date Time W/L/T Game Details
Thursday, 08/31/20234:00 PMWMarshwood 4, Cheverus 1Details
Tuesday, 09/05/20234:30 PMLPortland 3, Marshwood 0Details
Thursday, 09/07/20236:00 PMTMarshwood 1, Kennebunk 1Details
Tuesday, 09/12/20235:30 PMLDeering 3, Marshwood 0Details
Thursday, 09/14/20236:30 PMLFalmouth 3, Marshwood 1Details
Tuesday, 09/19/20234:00 PMLWestbrook 3, Marshwood 1Details
Thursday, 09/21/20234:15 PMLScarborough 5, Marshwood 1
Thursday, 09/28/20236:00 PMLSouth Portland 2, Marshwood 1Details
Saturday, 09/30/202311:00 AMLWindham 5, Marshwood 1Details
Tuesday, 10/03/20236:00 PMLBonny Eagle 1, Marshwood 0
Thursday, 10/05/20236:00 PMLGorham 5, Marshwood 0Details
Monday, 10/09/20236:00 PMWMarshwood 3, Sanford 1
Thursday, 10/12/20236:00 PMWMarshwood 2, Thornton Academy 1Details
Tuesday, 10/17/20235:15 PMLPortland 2, Marshwood 0Details
Thursday, 10/19/20236:30 PMLScarborough 2, Marshwood 0Details