September 13, 2022

Rodolphe Matonga had a goal and an assist to lead the visiting Blue Blazes (1-3) over the Mustangs (0-4) in Waterboro.Matonga set up David Kakhuba on a short through ball near the goal towards the end of the first half for a 2-0, then made it 3-0 on a hard strike from the top of the penalty area 13:27 into the second.
Westbrook scored first on an own goal when Jonilson Gomes’ shot from the right side deflected off a Massabesic defender and into the net midway through the first.
Hamza Nabi got the final goal on a straight on kick about five minutes after Matonga’s goal.

Luke Sarrenkopf recorded 12 saves for Massabesic, Jason McCarthy made two saves for the shutout.


Westbrook (1-3)22
Massabesic (0-4)00




Al Najaf, Abdullah
Ali, Alhamzah
Boylimpo, Mechac
Cote, Carson
Gomes, Jonilson
Ibrahim, Hassam
Ibrahim, Ibrahim
Kobenan, Marcelin
LeClerc, Austin
Lelo, Kevin
Lufungula, Joao
Matonga, Rodolphe
McCarthy, Jason
McLellan, Pierce
Mulumba, Ithiel
Nabi, Hamza
Pease, Nolan
Salman, Mustafa
Tracy, Hayden
Tshimmy, Fiston
Walsh, Paddy
Whitehead, Lance
Yala, Junior
Adams, Jacob
Azara, Sean
Barden, Jackson
Bean, Kasey
Boulard, Evan
Caron, Lucas
Carroll, Charlie
Catalano, Malcolm
Condon, Karter
Dobbins, Shamus
Farrenkopf, Lucas
Fournier, Jack
Gibson, Bennett
Guilbeault, Bennett
Hersey, Aiden
Keeler, Cooper
Kinney, Trever
LaPanne, Kevin
Lamb, Jaxson
Lawrence, Landon
McCann, Ian
Mowery, Wyatt
Poirier, Travis
Richardsdon, Gavin
Segal, Joseph
Shields, Jack
Stone, Brandon
Suhy, Troy
Tanguay, Benjamin
Tingley, Tyson
Wright, Luke



Record: 5-5-1

Date Time W/L/T Game Details
Friday, 09/01/20236:00 PMWWestbrook 4, Noble 0Details
Tuesday, 09/05/20236:00 PMLWindham 7, Westbrook 0Details
Thursday, 09/07/20236:00 PMLDeering 4, Westbrook 3Details
Tuesday, 09/12/20236:00 PMTThornton Academy 2, Westbrook 2, 2OTDetails
Thursday, 09/14/20235:00 PMWWestbrook 2, Biddeford 1, 2OTDetails
Tuesday, 09/19/20234:00 PMWWestbrook 3, Marshwood 1Details
Thursday, 09/21/20235:00 PMLPortland 5, Westbrook 0Details
Saturday, 09/23/202310:00 AMWWestbrook 4, Cheverus 3Details
Tuesday, 09/26/20236:00 PMLBonny Eagle 1, Westbrook 0Details
Thursday, 09/28/20236:00 PMLKennebunk 3, Westbrook 2Details
Tuesday, 10/03/20236:00 PMWWestbrook 7, Massabesic 0Details
Thursday, 10/05/20236:00 PMSanford at Westbrook
Tuesday, 10/10/20236:30 PMWestbrook at Scarborough
Tuesday, 10/17/20236:00 PMSouth Portland at Westbrook

Record: 1-9-0

Date Time W/L/T Game Details
Thursday, 08/31/20236:00 PMLSanford 4, Massabesic 0Details
Tuesday, 09/05/20236:00 PMWMassabesic 3, Noble 2
Thursday, 09/07/20236:00 PMLBonny Eagle 5, Massabesic 1Details
Thursday, 09/14/20236:00 PMLGorham 6, Massabesic 0Details
Friday, 09/15/20234:00 PMLCheverus 5, Massabesic 4
Tuesday, 09/19/20236:00 PMLKennebunk 4, Massabesic 0Details
Tuesday, 09/26/20236:00 PMLThornton Academy 7, Massabesic 0
Thursday, 09/28/20236:00 PMLWindham 9, Massabesic 0Details
Saturday, 09/30/202312:00 PMLSouth Portland 8, Massabesic 0
Tuesday, 10/03/20236:00 PMLWestbrook 7, Massabesic 0Details
Thursday, 10/05/20236:00 PMBiddeford at Massabesic
Monday, 10/09/202311:30 AMMassabesic at Portland
Thursday, 10/12/20236:00 PMFalmouth at Massabesic
Tuesday, 10/17/20236:00 PMMassabesic at Noble